Can microchips be used to track my dog?

These microchips are not GPS trackers. Think of a microchip as a permanent ID tag.

Villa Park Veterinary Hospital

How is a microchip used to identify my dog?

Every microchip comes with a unique identification number that the microchip company creates. When your chip is implanted, your dog is assigned that number for their life. We then ask you to fill out a form with all of your current contact information and all of that information is associated with the dog's microchip ID number.

Who can scan my dog’s microchip information?

Most police departments, animal shelters, and veterinary hospitals have the ability to scan a dog.

What does the microchipping recovery process look like in the event my dog is lost?

If your dog goes missing but is found by the police, shelter, or a good Samaritan, the first thing that is normally done is to see if the dog has a microchip by scanning their body with a universal chip reader. Once the scanner picks up the ID number, we will reach out to the microchip company to get the contact information that is associated with the chip and then contact you to let you know your dog is safe.

Why do veterinarians recommend getting my dog microchipped?

Microchipping is the best way to get your dog back home if they were to escape or go missing. Collars, tags, and even tattoos can be altered, fall off, or damaged where the microchip is a permanent identification.

What if I forget or lose my dog’s microchip information?

Don't worry, we register the microchip with the company for you so the only thing you have to do is to keep your contact information up to date. You will receive all the information on how to access your account with the company once the microchip is implanted.

Are there other smart products that can connect to my dog’s microchip?

There are some starting to become available, but those are more a GPS type of collar or tag. As I stated earlier, collars and tags can become damaged, fall off, and even be altered. The best way to make sure your dog returns home is to get them microchipped.

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