What is considered preventative care for a cat?

Preventative care for a cat would be coming in twice yearly and getting vaccinations along with exams from a doctor.

Villa Park Veterinary Hospital

How can preventative care extend the life and improve the health of my cat?

Cats are very good at hiding any serious diseases so we definitely recommend coming in twice yearly for an exam. If they do have anything going on with them, we can help diagnose them sooner for a longer and happier life.

What types of preventative care do you recommend for cats?

For feline patients, we recommend a quality diet, good nutrition, and weight management. They should have their vaccinations, eye, ear, and dental care. We advise spaying and neutering at the right times. We also recommend flea and tick and intestinal parasite prevention. If your cat has long fur, we suggest getting them groomed. We endorse both mental and physical enrichment for them.

What are some possible conditions that can be avoided with cat preventative care?

Some conditions that a feline patient can get are flea and tick infestations. Even if your cat does not go outside, these can be brought into the house. If our feline patients are not on a preventative, they are susceptible to getting it.

Why is it important to avoid self-diagnosing my cat?

Our feline patients are amazing at hiding things. It's important to get them in to a veterinary professional to have their yearly exam done.

What are the risks of failing to provide preventative care for my cat?

Failing to provide preventative care for your feline patient decreases their quality of life. That's why we recommend bringing them in twice yearly so that we can make sure that they're happy and healthy. If you have any questions about your preventative care for your cat, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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