Our History

Our most recent history comes from the beloved, Dr. Sandra Karasek who was Villa Park's previous veterinarian and sole owner of Villa Park Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Karasek took over as owner in 1999. Relationships made in Villa Park's history can be seen today in its blue paw prints on the outside of the building. A staple in town, the blueprints stem from a client of ours painting them on the building after Dr. K provided his pet with life-altering treatment!

The history does not stop there, Dr. Burke opened Villa Park Veterinary Hospital in the 1950s. Dr. Burke lived in the hospital as a resident and practicing veterinarian. After Dr. Burke retired, Dr. Sliverstien took over Villa Park Veterinary Hospital which is where the two hospitals in the area, 2 miles worked together providing the area with veterinary care.

Dr. Paul Arndt and Dr.Sliverstein worked together covering holidays, vacations, and other life events for one another for over 30 years. Each hospital had created its own identity while still focusing on what mattered, people and their pets. After Dr.Sliverstein. Dr. K took over where she practiced until 2021, when Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Arndt's daughter, purchased Villa Park with hopes to continue this legacy practice.

Our history between Lombard Veterinary Hospital has always been a long lasting relationship which is why it only makes sense to continue this for the future. If you have any information/stories that you feel are pertinent to Villa Park Veterinary Hospitals history, please reach out to [email protected]