How much exercise does my dog need?

That depends on your dog's breed and age. If you have an active dog breed like a Vizsla or a Staffordshire Terrier, you will need to do more exercise with them than if you had a Toy Poodle or a French Bulldog. It is important to note that daily exercise is crucial for all breeds, but at different levels.

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How does exercise impact the health and well-being of my dog?

Just like us, exercising regularly has great health benefits for your dog. It helps with the cardiovascular system, burn fat, and tone muscles.

How much is too much exercise?

When you start to see your dog slow down, panting, showing no interest in the activity, or just stopping and laying down, that's your cue to stop and give them a break.

What are some ways to exercise my dog outside?

There are numerous activities you can do with your dog for exercise. These include agility, biking, dog sports, fetch, hiking, obedience training, running, skating, and swimming.

What are some ways to exercise my dog inside?

Agility, hide and seek, climbing stairs, using a treadmill, and tug of war.

What are some health issues that can occur from a lack of exercise?

The main one would be obesity. Less exercise means that they could gain weight since they aren't burning calories as often. Another issue that could arise would be stiffness. Less exercise can lead to muscle loss, and in some cases, stiff and painful joints.

What are some ways to motivate my dog to exercise?

It depends on what your dog likes. Are they treat or toy motivated? You should always have their favorite toy or treats on hand and always reward them when they finish being active.

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