Caring for pets in Villa Park

for over 60 years!

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Caring for pets in Villa Park

for over 60 years!

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Our commitment is to provide trust, peace of mind, and quality veterinary care for the life of your pet. Keeping your pet on the path to wellness by putting their paws in OUR hands.

Why Us?

Villa Park isn't like any other veterinary hospital in Villa Park IL. We treat pets, and their owners like they are part of the family - holding their hand every step of the way.

  • advantage

    Seamless transition of care

    Our doctor and team take extra care to understand your pet’s previous medical care, and build a connection with you as the pet owner.

  • advantage

    Top surgical care

    Basic and advanced surgical procedures through our network of veterinarians.

  • advantage

    Building Relationships

    We are here for you and your pet, getting to know both of you.

  • advantage

    Awesome Hospitality

    When you walk through the door, you are a part of our family!

love your pet

Our Clients say...

I am so glad to have experienced their caring, professional, young, fresh approach! We heard through a mailing our previous vet retired which was not received well. But I am thrilled with the new owners and staff! Thank you for taking such good care of my Sunshine today and the extra effort of supplying me with articles about her condition!

Susan Riley

New ownership and love our new vet . Took lots of time to answer all my questions and have expanded hours.

Sheila Kastner

Great local vet. Really cares about my dog and all her quirks.


Friendly service! They treated my Lanta like a Queen!


We had such a good experience today with VPVH. Their compassion and care was outstanding not only for our fur baby but ourselves as it was a difficult day for us.

Pat Gerdisch
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Welcome To Villa Park!

Villa Park Veterinary Hospital has been serving the community of Villa Park, Illinois since the 1960s. When Dr. Karasek retired, Dr. Georgie Ludwig at Lombard Veterinary Hospital could not let this staple of the community just close its doors. Dr. Ludwig acquired Villa Park Vet in December of 2021 and offered the opportunity to Dr. Franklin and her team to run this location.

Dr. Franklin and her team at Villa Park Veterinary Hospital are here to continue to provide quality veterinarian care for your pet. While maintaining and growing the long-lasting relationships created between this hospital and its community.

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About Villa Park

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